Next Steps

We are here to help you take your next spiritual step. 

Here are some possible next steps you might take in your relationship with Jesus. 


    If you are interested in finding out more about being baptized:  Click here

  • Parent and Child dedication

    Parent Child dedication is a milestone event in the lives of families. During this time of dedication in one of our worship services parents commit to raise their children in a way that will give them the best opportunity to place their faith in Jesus and follow Him all of their lives.  If you are interested in dedicating your child.  Click Here.

  • Small Groups

    Our small groups are places people can learn to do life together with 6-12 other people. Members of a small group learn to find community with one another and hear Jesus' voice together. If you are interested in finding more about our small groups:   Click Here

  • Membership

    If you would like to explore what it means to commit to membership in our church family: Click Here

  • Serve

    If you would like to learn more about serving in our church.  Click Here